Sled Dog Sundays at Birch’s on the Lake

I love winter.  I love to head out after a good breakfast and snowshoe in the woods or go cross-country skiing.  Unfortunately, this year Minnesota has had a fair bit of cold but very little snow.  What’s a winter-loving gal to do?  When winter has gone to the dogs then it’s time to well, go to the dogs.

Word got to me that every Sunday this winter Birch’s (brewery and supper club) together with Silent Run Adventures is offering a brunch/dog sled ride for those who also love winter.  (Even if you don’t, there’s dogs and beer so why not?)

Speaking of dogs in case you’ve read this far just so see one so here you go:

Who needs a belly rub?

The cost for the ride and a buffet brunch (beverages are extra) is $35 plus a fee if you go through Eventbrite.  We arrived about 10 minutes before our alloted 11 am time slot which was the first slot of the day.  The dogs were extremely excited about being able to run and let their opinion of waiting on a clock known with some enthusiastic howling and barking.

Can we get going already?

We waited in line and played with the dogs until after about forty minutes it was our turn.  The sled fit two adults fairly comfortabley – one behind the other.  Since it was VERY cold waiting in line I got in the back.  The ride was about ten minutes long.  I would definately like to go for a longer ride sometime but it was good introduction.  The dogs did a great job and the ride was a smooth one.  It was interesting listening to the different commands given by the driver.  There was the well-known “Mush!” plus some other ones I’ve never heard before.  Something new to learn about!

Of course I know what ‘Mush’ means!

Birch’s had a nice looking bonfire lit next to the lake but we were cold and hungry enough to by-pass it after our ride and head into the brewhouse.  The buffet had a good variety – eggs, hash browns, pulled pork, waffles, etc.  Nothing extraordinary but there was plenty and it tasted good with a beer.  I recommend the Golden Coffee Chocolate Ale which was a perfect match for the brunch food.  I will have to go back for the Bohemian Pilsner and Vanilla Milk Stout which also sounded quite good.

Brunch? I could go for some brunch…

All in all it was a fun outing.  It was VERY cold waiting in line for the ride but once in the sled it was great.  The ride could have been longer but it was a good intro all the same.  The food was good enough and the beer, as always was delicious.

Feed the blogger: Love Birch’s?  Breweries?  Dogs?  Have you tried this out yourself?  Comments are welcome.

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