Fjord Safari


One of the more popular day trips out of Bergen is to the small town of Flåm located on the Nærøyfjord.  We drove out there one September day without a particular plan in mind.  We had heard that the top attractions in this small town surrounded by mountains is the Flåm railway so after parking our car we headed over to the tourist information building to see what was what.

As we walked along the waterfront we passed the booth for Fjord Safari.  ‘Best attraction in Flåm’ a man called out to us as we walked by. We smiled and continued on the information center – okay we were also interested in the rest rooms.  As we were in there several tour buses pulled up and hordes of people descended on the train station.  Perhaps we should take a chance on the most POPULAR attraction not being the BEST?

Back to Fjord Safari we went where after a discussion of what equipment we would need to wear and checking our a RIB boat we made our payment then retired to the local bakery to wait for our cruise to begin.

Geared up!

Despite already being dressed for cool weather with jackets, etc we also had to put on a jumpsuit, goggles, hat, life vest and two sets of gloves.  Our guide started up our boat and we were off.

Our guide was quite knowledgable and gave us a lot of excellent detail on the points of interest on the fjord – the village dedicated solely to the making of goat cheese, the Bed & Breakfast that requires either a steep climb or a six hour hike to get to (booked into 2021).  However, we were all too mesmerized by the beauty around us to retain much of the detail.


I hope you enjoyed the virtual fjord tour!


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  1. Stunning photos and breathtaking colors. Sometimes the only thing one can say is: Wow!


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